How to build your personal home gym?

Have you ever thought how much money is paid to a gym every day subscribers you have done? Even if you belong at best and were saved from the subscriber and their arrival at least four times a week to the gym, and if you belong to the case as well of those registered went to the gym a few times and the rest of the year continued to pay the gym without visiting it once. Until now you could save much money you spend at the gym and buy home gyms and build yourself a home gym.

Home Gym vs. Fitness Club

At the home gym will not have to pay every month again (unless you paid for handsets in installments, but in this case the payments will end and you will stay with the devices in your home), commit every year to the gym, waiting until users before you have finished their training and be restricted while you The device can work on. Your gym will hear some music you want and at what volume you want, you decide whether the air conditioner will be turned on and how many degrees you want and you can wear a sweatshirt like.

When there is a home gym excuses disappear, there are many people around you, there is no line of fitness equipment, no rush hour at the gym, there is no limit of hours so there is no excuse for a long time and many excuses made by daily Mnoii gyms.

Everyone knows how important physical activity, how it contributes to the quality of life, home fitness equipment will allow you to perform physical activity. The home gym will be next to you all the time, so you can not make excuses not to go in and different practice.

How much does a home gym costs?

No need to buy expensive fitness equipment and sparkling so you can see the results of the training or to feel you’ve practiced, you can purchase basic equipment and training by the degree of your financial ability to add more devices. The cost of basic home gym for two people at a cheaper trainees annual subscription to the gym for one person (the average annual price gym is 3,500 NIS per year).

Home gym – which are important facilities?

The basic instruments vary from person to person according to need, as well as various instruments are needed (in some type of training) for women and men. The basic equipment is suitable to both men and women including among others Mzrn Training (price ranges from 50-100), rubber (cost NIS 25-30), weights (the price depends on the weight ranged from 10-50 shekels), Ball Pilates ( The price ranges between NIS 80-120) and more.

The most popular gym equipment home gyms are a treadmill or jogging, punching bag, cross trainer, exercise bike, weights next to the occasion and a sofa Fitness (Multi trainer).

Prior to the purchase of fitness equipment store clerk consulted with fitness equipment that will explain you how to work with the device, if there is an explanation by the same tape as well, remember that at no guide and no one to guide you, it is important you work right and will work wrong forbid yourself harm itself. By weight that you can put a home gym, so you can track your weight and to see if he had changed following the workout.

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